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In 2019 I decided to make my dream come true and I started photography and then, one year later, videography.

Since my childhood I was interested in graphic design and I was secretly stealing my dad's camera.

I have a degree in BA International business management, but there was always something missing - creativity. I found it in photography & videography. Thanks to my studies I was able to find what was missing in my life. I improved my communication skills, persistence, and learned to be good at what I really want.

For me, photography is more than clicking pictures. Thanks to photography I meet new interesting people, discover the beauties of life, new places - and I love traveling!

In photography I prefer to work with natural lights, natural moments. In those, I can find the beauties of real life.

I focus on wedding photography & videography, in which I can capture a lot of positive emotions. I enjoy every wedding, thus, I also enjoy post-processing and when my  photographs get a soul. I also love photographing portraits, where I can apply my own ideas.

I am looking forward to meeting you personally!



Hello! :)

Foto: Anna Krátká

Foto: Anna Krátká

Foto: Anna Krátká

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